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Most of all Gerry The Giraffe provides a solution to a problem that has existed in today’s hectic lifestyle raising a new born. The Sleepybobo has been designed in such a way that it will attach to most existing car seats, swinging cribs, baby bouncers, baby rockers, Moses baskets and rock / bounce these products for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time so you as the parent / carer / Grandparent can do other things, help another child, help your spouse, answer the door, go to the toilet in peace and quiet.

Gerry has a multitude of functions, safety being the main criteria. A timer button that can be set to a maximum of 30 minutes ( our recommended maximum usage of 3 X 30 minutes in one day) which will switch off when complete. A variable speed button to control how fast Gerry does his important job ( slowest speed only when using crib or Moses basket ). A lock button that will stop little fingers pressing buttons by mistake. A flip out stability platform that can be used to help Gerry stay in position and help on different floor surfaces.

If too much weight is used with Gerry (maximum weight of 24 lbs) he will automatically switch off.

Gerry is fully portable, with he’s own carry bag, which is sold separately.

Gerry uses 4 x D batteries (not included) and we only recommend using Duracell with our product.

Designed by a parent, a world’s first, adorable but most of all, solving a common problem that new parents have. The Sleepybobo is a product that parents / friends / Grandparents will love as a gift, helping in those early stages of bringing up a new born baby.

Hidden inside Gerry’s neck, is the adjustable strap that allows you to adjust the length of his neck, helping Gerry fit most car seats, bouncers and cribs.

Gerry has been specially designed to work with high back car seats like the Graco and Chicco. For taller swinging cribs, the optional neck extension is required.

For car seats with lower backs, like the Maxi Cosi Pebble, Joie, the smaller internal support can be inserted to reduce the length of his neck by half. Gerry can also be attached to these lower backed car seats using the carry handle in the upright position, using the neck extension.

With A frame baby bouncers, you should only expect to get minimal bouncing movement due to the pre tensioned force within the frame. Never use Gerry on an empty baby bouncer. Over time the tension in the A Frame will give and you will get more movement.

The internal motor has a DB level of 45-55 DB, depending on the weight of the baby and force being applied to the motor. We have chosen a motor that is quiet that has a similar affect to white noise. As parents and as a business, we thought this was an important feature to have with the product, as babies find this relaxing and fall asleep.

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